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AUTHORS: A. Marinkovic, T. Vedris, eds.
TITLE: Identity and Alterity in Hagiography and the Cult of Saints
SERIES: Colloquia
PAGES: 290
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ISBN 13: 9789535620501
ISBN: 9535620509

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Book description

The second Hagiotheca Conference held in Split (Croatia) in May 2008 provided the stimulus for the publication of sixteen essays on saints and indentities, collected under the title Identity and Alterity in Hagiography and the Cult of Saints. The Gallery of saints includes (among others): Mary the Virgin, Perpetua and Felicitas, Peter and Paul, Iustus of Triest, Cosmas and Damian, Gibitrud, Kentigern ("Mungo"), Barbara, Elizabeth of Hungary, John of Trogir, Thomas Aquinas, Wladislaw of Gielniów, Francis of Assisi, John of Nepomuk.

Table of contents

Thomas J. Heffernan, Shifting Identities: From a Roman Matron to Matrona Dei in the Passio Sanctarum Perpetuae et Felicitatis

Marianne Sághy, Martyr Cult and Collective Identity in Fourth-Century Rome

Luciana Cuppo, Passio Sancti Justi Martyris: A Late Antique Statement of Roman Identity vis-a-vis Domination from the East (MS Verona, Biblioteca Capitolare XCV)

Ildikó Csepregi, The Theological Other: Religious and Narrative Identity in Fifth to Seventh Century Byzantine Miracle Collections
This paper is available online at

Martin Roch, The 'Odor of Sanctity': Defining Identity and Alterity in the Earle Middle Ages (Fifth to Ninth Century)

Lucie Dolezalová, Absolute Alterity in the Cult of Saints: Saint Nobody
This paper is available online at

Lindsay McArthur Irvin, Building a British Identity: Jocelin of Furness's Use of Sources in Vita Kentigerni

Jane Cartwright, Regionalism and Identity: Localizing the Cult of Mary in Medieval Wales

Maria Craciun, The Cult of St Barbara and the Saxon Community of Late Medieval Transylvania

David Falvay, Hungarians as 'Saintly Pagans' in late Medieval Western Literature

Ana Marinkovic, Tamquam lupi rapaces: Dynamics of the Image of Venetian Army in the Hagiography of Trogir

Marika Räsänen, Family vs Order: Saint Thomas Aquinas' Dominican Habit in the Narrative Tradition of the Order

David J. Collins, Necromancers and Saints from Simon Magus to Albertus Magnus: The Medieval Background to a Fifteenth-Century Problem

Rafal Wójcik, Anti-Jewish Motifs in the Poetry of Blessed Wladyslaw of Gielniów (c. 1440-1505)

Cynthia Ho, Closing the Borders: St Francis at Orta

Raeleen Chai-Elsholz, The 'Significant Other' in Canonizations in the First Half of the Eighteenth Century

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